AVA Virtual Fun Fest

Enter the Virtual Fest in 3 Easy Steps

(1) Enter Here before August 15, 2020

(2) Submit Payment via the prompt below

(3) Upload your Videos Here before August 20, 2020

Enter Payment Here:

Prize List

This contest will accept first leg videos of routines from any time and location until August 20th, 2020.

  1. Registration: June 1st registration opens. Entry to be separate for each individual. Dealine for all entries are August 15th, 2020 Midnight PST.

  2. Individual Fees: $10 per round per event for AVA recognized classes. Enter each segment, compulsories and/or freestyle.

  3. Payment through paypal at see link above. Deadline August 15th, 2020 by Midnight PST.

  4. Accounts: Once the entry form and payment is recieved, you will be send a link to the video submission form. All submission are to be uploaded by August 20th, 2020 Midnight PST.

  5. Awards: Virtual Certificates will be awarded to the top 15 participants in each Class. 1st Place winners of each class will be featured on AVA social media.

  6. Judging: The Judging will be complete by September 15th, 2020 and will rank participants in each class. Scores will be posted

  7. Rules and Guidelines: Current AVA class rules and guidelines are to be followed. Here is the link to the AVA rules. https://americanvaulting.org/members/PDF/2020RuleBookRev.pdf

      1. Non-members fee will be charged of $25.00 for the event if not an AVA by entry deadline of August 15, 2020 by Midnight PST.

      2. Facility insurance is the sole responsibility of the indivdiual entrant.

      3. The AVA competitions surchrage of $8.00 per participant is waived.

      4. Arena size should be in line with an AVA level II competition.

      5. Scores will be posted online at this website by Septemebr 15, 2020. Scoresheets only available electronically and will be sent to the participant email address.

      6. Barrel's should be regulation as in AVA guidelines.

  8. Terms and Conditions: By submitting entries to the AVA Fun Fest you have read and understood the terms and conditions. See link below.

Class List

AVA Virtual Cup Unrecognized Class List 2020.pdf

Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. All uploaded videos must not have been previously reviewed by AVA judges, or used in a past fest. Any video suspected of having been filmed during another competition will not be scored. Only one vaulter per video.

  2. You can video as many times as you want but you can only submit one video per round per class for judging.Videos of rounds must be unedited from start to finish. The video must be one continuous recording of photo-centric images.

  3. Video must be clean. Overlays of text, graphics or other non-photo based images, are not allowed.

  4. The round must be videoed at a distance per the Guidelines below.

  5. Coaching and assistance during the round is not allowed unless specified in the class list.

  6. The natural background sound for the go must be audible. Tests with no sound at all or edited sound will not be accepted.

  7. Virtual Vaulting Tournament Technical Requirements:

    • Video: 1080P Resolution (minimum), 30-60 fps (minimum 30fps, max 60)

    • Stabilizing: If you are using a mobile device, please use a stabilizer or tripod for clear video. Hand-held video will not be accepted.

    • Audio: The audio should be clearly heard in the video, and a judge should be able to hear small details in the music.

    • File type: This should be either .mov or .mp4. Videos should be submitted using your account.

  8. Video submissions: Use the vaulter’s name as it appears on your AVA Membership card. SPECIFIC CLASS NUMBER AND VAULTER NAME.

  9. Have someone run the music for you – the vaulter should raise their hand to start the music just like a live competition. Make sure music is loud enough for the judge to hear.

  10. Violation of any of these rules may result in the refusal to accept the entry or non-refundable scratch.

Horse Filming Guidelines

  1. After entering the arena, execute the bow and the trot circle per AVA rules.

  2. After the vaulter is finished with the round and has dismounted, the video should capture the bow and run out.

  3. All AVA rules on attire need to be followed. If the video is of an AVA recognized class, the lunger, vaulter and horse numbers must be visible and displayed per AVA rules.

  4. If the judge determines that the horse appears uneven, the judge has the discretionary right to excuse the vaulter and not continue scoring. Judge will make notes on the score sheet indicating their observations. The Judge’s decision is final. The horse’s welfare and health must be the first priority.

  5. The camera should be set up as if it were on the judges stand, so approximately 40' from the center of the circle and raised to approximately the height of a Judge sitting in a booth at eye level.

Barrel Filming Guidelines

  1. Start the video when the vaulter runs in to bow. Capture the round, the bow after, and the run out. The vaulter will be judged on general impression and this includes the run in and out as well as the bows, waiting for music, etc. as well as the round itself.

  2. Place the barrel at least 10' from the camera, so that the mount side of the barrel is facing the judge (handles to the left).

(Photo Credits- Header: Alex Thomas)