Virtual Vaulting

Welcome to Virtual Vaulting

Our vision is for everyone, everywhere, to have the opportunity to participate from the comfort of their own arena in Vaulting. The American Vaulting Association presents Virtual Vaulting to allow athletes in any location to compete against other athletes using qualified judges that can rank their athletic performances. We work with coaches, clubs, organizations and judges in order to provide you with a virtual vaulting competition.

With the cancelling of many AVA recognized competitions and the National Championships for 2022, American Vaulting Association Virtual Vaulting portal would like to offer virtual competitions for athletes of all ages and levels.

Athletes and/or their coaches or parents will upload the best captured videos of their performances to be judged virtually by AVA Recognized Judges and ranked against each other.

Simply film your rounds in a competition like setting and upload to your account and Voila!

Upcoming Events

AVA Virtual Cup

AVA Recognized Classes

Submission Deadline: August 20, 2020

AVA Virtual Fun Fest

AVA Unrecognized Classes

Submission Deadline: August 20, 2020

Benefits of Competing Online


Getting a qualified judge to your competition can be a hard task. It may require that you must buy a plane ticket for your judge. Not anymore, a judge can judge any performance from any location through AVA Virtual Vaulting.


Great opportunity to show your hard work to the Judges. With online competition risk is eliminated especially in COVID-19 times. Vault at your own arena on your own time!


Without the stress of travel this great opportunity to "compete" and get judges scores. With virtual vaulting your horse can be relaxed in his own enviroment.


Regular competitions can be very expensive and involve a lot of travel. Not anymore…. Virtual competitions become very affordable.